Shinryo has considerable design & engineering experience with aquariums, its scope of work covers not only ordinary HVAC & P&D but also water-purity control, cycle filtration and seawater intake systems to maintain marine creature's place of life.

  • Sunshine International Aquarium in JPNSunshine International Aquarium in JPN
    Sunshine International Aquarium in JPN
    Completion: 1981
    GFA : 5,665 m2
  • Noboribetsu Marine Park in JPNNoboribetsu Marine Park in JPN
    Noboribetsu Marine Park in JPN
    Completion: 1991
    GFA : 7,000 m2
  • Akuamarine Fukushima in JPNAquamarine Fukushima in JPN
    Aquamarine Fukushima in JPN
    Completion: 2000
    GFA : 13,697 m2
  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in JPNOkinawa Churaumi Aquarium in JPN
    Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in JPN
    Completion: 2002
    GFA : 19,000m2
  • Marine World Uminonakamichi in JPNMarine World Uminonakamichi in JPN
    Marine World Uminonakamichi in JPN
    Completion: 1993
    GFA : 9,800m2
  • Kagoshima Aquarium in JPN
    Kagoshima Aquarium in JPN
    Completion: 1996
    GFA : 13,000m2