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Awarded the 9th Contest for Ideas in Construction and Housing Technology
| April 16, 2012

3 ideas submitted by a group headed by young employees were selected for the Judges' Special Award and Honorable Mention in the 2011 (9th) Contest for Ideas in Construction and Housing Technology. The contest was held by the Consortium for Building Research & Development and judge free themes related to "earthquake-resistant technology and construction/housing technology."

Judges ' Special Award
EHybrid air-conditioning system using natural energy without heat medium.
A proposal for combining the use of natural energy sources such as geothermal heat/solar heat and an air-conditioning system without a heat medium. The air-conditioning system used material with high thermal conductivity as a medium.

EEarthquake-resistant technology for air-conditioning facilities using low-intensity/plastic deformation material.
A proposal for the development of technology to improve earthquake-resistance of ducts and piping. By inserting low-intensity and plastic deformation material, damage caused by earthquakes is limited to only certain ducts and piping.

Honorable Mention
EVNP (Vibration and Noise Pump)-VNP will change the world.
A proposal for a generation system which uses piezo-electric devices to convert vibration and noise from building equipment into electrical energy.

Awarded the 8th Japanese Society of Environmental Infections Prize - February 7, 2012

The 8th Japanese Society of Environmental Infections Prize was awarded to gReview of Push-Pull Air Flow to Prevent Leakage of Droplet Nuclei,h a thesis which summarizes a portion of research results from a joint project between our company, Juntendo University and Waseda University. The Japanese Society of Environmental Infections is an academic association composed of professionals from the medical and pharmaceutical products industries. The prize was presented during the 27th General Meeting of the Japanese Society of Environmental Infections, which was held on February 3rd at Fukuoka Sun Palace.

The Japanese Society of Environmental Infections Prize is selected mainly from theses published in the Japanese Journal of Environmental Infections issued from January to December of the judging year (the recent prize was for 2011). The prize recognizes creative and outstanding theses in the field of environmental infections. Our prize-winning thesis covered research results related to measures for using air-conditioning ventilation systems to prevent infection at hospitals. Our technology prevents the inflow/outflow of pathogens even when the doors to a hospital room are opened in order to transport patients in or out by stretcher. Furthermore, in addition to negative pressure hospital rooms for patients with infectious diseases, the technology can also be applied to multiple-bed hospital rooms and examination rooms in general hospital buildings. It can also be used as a supplementary device for protective insulation. In the future, we will propose this technology to our customers as a key technology for systems to prevent infections at hospitals.


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