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High Rise Buildings

Shinryo creates stress free space throughout the seasons, with its splendid control of air, water and light. Shinryo provides environments where you can concentrate on business.

The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corp.H.Q.
Completion: 1985
41F, 3BF (180m) / GFA : 99,171 m2

Republic Plaza in S'pore
Completion: 1995
66F, 1BF (280m) / GFA : 122,781 m2

Yokohama Landmark Tower in JPN
Completion: 1993
70F, 4BF (296m) / GFA : 392,284 m2

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
in JPN
Completion: 1991
48F, 3BF (243m) / GFA : 194,593 m2

Nippon Television New Office Tower in JPN
Completion: 2003
32F, 2BF (192m) / GFA : 131,468 m2

Charter House in HK
Completion: 2002
30F (131m)/ GFA : 73,993m2

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