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Dynamic Ice Storage System"The Jiyu Sekkei"
Indoor Air Quality Control Technology
Modular Construction Method
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Related Product

This is an environmental apparatus that blows air with controlled concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) onto the face of a chemical sensitive patient so that the doctor can identify the substance that causes the sensitivity by observing the patientfs response to the air and thereby provide appropriate treatment to the patient.

VOC concentration distribution inside the CHALLENGE BOOTH


This is an air purifier developed to remove VOCs from the air. With built-in reformed activated carbon, this air purifier removes gaseous pollutants (VOCs, etc.), dust and microbes. Several models are available for home and business use.

Air Cleaner hA. etherh

Regeneration System for Activated Carbon Filters
This is a system for regenerating activated carbon filter that has reached its breakthrough point. The system uses superheated steam to restore broken-through activated carbon filters safely and efficiently.

Regeneration System for Activated Carbon Filter

Ozone-lon Fumigation Equipment
A combination of ozone and ions has greatly improved the sterilization capacity above conventional levels, enabling exceptional sterilization at normal temperatures and humidity.

Ozone-Ion Fumigation Equipment

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