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Sharp Corporation Kameyama Plant
Sharp Corporation Kameyama Plant

Semiconductor products support information communication technology such as smartphones and wearable devices. Manufacturing environments for precision and optical devices such as semiconductors require various technologies to control dust, temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow distribution and prevent molecular contamination as well as micro vibrations.

Molecular Contamination Prevention to Create the Optimal Production Environment for Precision and Optical Equipment

Semiconductor products cannot be made properly with small dust particles and chemicals in the air that are unseen by the naked eye. Therefore, technology is required to limit the introduction of dust and the occurrence of chemicals.

Mini-environment to Control Air with High Precision in Only the Necessary Space

Only the surroundings of vastly important equipment can be controlled with high precision in 1/100°C increments rather than the entire factory. This technology reduces the running costs of air conditioning while protecting the equipment and products.

Track record
  • Sharp Corporation Kameyama Factory, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Mie 1st Plant B-wing, STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Hatano Factory Building No.1

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