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Hiroshima University Hospital Clinic Building
Hiroshima University Hospital Clinic Building

Technology that removes and isolates various contaminants such as pathogens creates highly safe air for the people who work at medical facilities and hospitals.

Air Pressure Control System that Maintains Safety by Controlling the Entry and Exit of Air

Air pressure control systems are a technology to control the entry and exit of air and prevent the inflow and outflow of contaminants. Shinryo Corporation develops simulation programs to correctly create complicated air pressure control systems.

air pressure control systems

Infection Prevention and Control System Lowering Pathogen Concentration of Examination Rooms

Pathogens originating with patients can be expelled safely by designing a flow of air that reduces the risk of infection in medical professionals through simulations.
This system can be introduced to existing hospitals as well because large-scale construction is unnecessary.

Air pressure control system

Formaldehyde Removal System to Increase Safety of Pathological Examination Rooms

This system heightens safety by expelling formaldehyde, which is harmful to the human body, with the flow of air. The formaldehyde that is expelled is removed and treated with equipment.
A large operational space is secured and a better communication environment is realized between workers because there is no need for large equipment, ducts, or large air volume fans.

Formaldehyde Removal System

Track record
  • Hiroshima University Hospital Clinic Building, Shirakawa Kosei General Hospital, JA Niigata Association Nagaoka Chuo General Hospital, and Japanese Red Cross Ishinomaki Hospital

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