BIM Solutions 3
Environment Simulation

BIMCFD simulations measure the environment from three-dimensional information.
Customers realize advanced air conditioning spaces by examining the best living environments as well as production environments with CFD.

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics, which is a method to measure the behavior of fluids with a computer.
We use CFD widely as a prior inspection tool to measure indoor and outdoor environments before completing a building.

Example of Environment Simulation

Example of analysis through Shinryo Corporation CFD technology that boasts industry’s top-class track record and accuracy

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Realizing the Optimal Environment by Utilizing BIM and CFD

S-Pre Tool to Link BIM and CFD

S-Pre allows us to provide speedy proposals to our customers.

Input (Pre), calculation (Solver), and the visualization of results (Post) can all be conducted in CFD. The Pre input requires the most time and effort in this series of operations. Shinryo developed the S-Pre CFD input assist tool as an add-on to 3D-CAD. “S-Pre” has built-in capabilities that include maximizing the use of 3D-CAD data, creating calculation mesh, and automating the influence of sunlight.