BIM Solutions 4
Maintenance and Management
(Facility Management)

We have quickly launched a facility management system that utilizes BIM data.
This system provides an operational environment that integrates positional information, maintenance, and management information.

Purpose of Facility Management

Effectively Use Facilities as a Management Resource

  • The system aims to reduce Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • The system contributes to higher management efficiency that facilitates restraint and optimization of costs.
  • The environment and equipment functionality is improved to increase the productivity of the facility.

Standardization of Facility Management Operations

  • The framework creates a system for continuous and efficient monitoring and operation through systemization of facility management throughout the entire life cycle to effectively utilize the facility.
  • Standardization allows for universal facility management into the future.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

  • The system aims to sustain functionality able to meet the requirements of employees.
  • Environmental improvements increase productivity by improving employee satisfaction.

Cycle of Facility Management

Cycle of Facility Management

Examples of Facility Management

BIM data can be shared seamlessly with FMS* Early launch of FMS contributes to the integration of positional information and maintenance management information.

*Facility Management System (FMS): A total management system for operation and maintenance maintains the optimal state (minimal cost/maximum effectiveness) for management in all real estate operations (grounds, building, structures, equipment, etc.).

Floating FMS operation through the use of BIM data

Up until now, a considerable amount of time and effort was need to start operation because the massive amount of facility data had to be entered one at a time when launching FMS operations.
However, by adding the necessary data when operating FMS at the design and construction stage, the data can be migrated to the FMS as the BIM data configured at the design and construction stage to launch operation of the FMS immediately after construction.
Moreover, the data of each facility when operating FMS can be integrated with the positional information as well as maintenance and management information to effectively use not only in the operation of FMS but also in education of facility managers and renovation work because the data is shared with the "S-CAD" three-dimensional CAD system at Shinryo Corporation.

BIMデータ (スケルトンモデル)