Energy measurement and
analysis technology

Technology to measure, analyze, and evaluate the performance of energy generation technologies, energy saving technologies, and energy storage technologies for building equipment.

Background and Outline

Demands made upon energy systems of buildings have diversified in recent years to include energy saving, environmental protection, economic efficiency and stable supply, and the demands in each of these areas are also rising. The arrival of ZEB and construction of smart communities, etc., are also anticipated. Therefore, building equipment must also promote energy generation, energy saving and energy storage technologies. We utilize basic technologies to measure, analyze and evaluate energy systems that support this research and development, and are pushing ahead with research and development intended to meet society’s needs.


Photovoltaic power generation system

Photovoltaic cell
Photovoltaic cell

Now that widespread use of photovoltaic power generation systems has been predicted, we are also conducting performance evaluations of such installation work. Photovoltaic cells vary greatly in terms of their power generation performance according to their type (crystalline photovoltaic cell, compound semiconductor cell, etc.), installation angle, or cell temperature. We measure the state of power generation throughout the year to analyze and evaluate power generation performance, and accumulate knowledge about photovoltaic power generation. We can also design and construct to meet specific needs.

Energy saving eco-project in headquarters building

Guided by the concept, “combining energy saving with comfort”, we renovated our headquarters building (completed in September 2011), 40 years after it was built, to improve its energy saving performance. It is used to verify the effectiveness of various kinds of energy saving technologies. Based on the results of this verification, we are promoting energy saving of office buildings.

  • Energy saving technologies for eco-project in headquarters building
    Energy saving technologies for
    eco-project in headquarters building

Dynamic Ice Storage System: "The Jiyu Sekkei ® "

Ice storage tank (underground pit)
Ice storage tank (underground pit)

This ice storage system makes ice at night to store cold energy in an ice storage tank, then during the day it uses the cold energy to operate air conditioning, etc., contributing to cutting or shifting peak electric power. The Jiyu Sekkei®, which is a unique system developed by Shinryo, achieves top-class operating efficiency, superior maintainability, and unrestricted layout capability.