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April 21, 2011Received awards in the FY2010 (8th) Contest for Ideas in Construction and Housing Technology

Entries submitted by our company were awarded the Most Outstanding Prize and the Honorable Mention Prize as part of the FY2010 (8th) Contest for Ideas in Construction and Housing Technology. The contest was held by the Consortium for Building Research & Development and was based on the theme of “technology contributing to housing and construction in a low-carbon society,”

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Most Outstanding Prize

・Hikarri-Cho: Development of a phosphorescent lighting system
Proposing a phosphorescent lighting system which uses sunlight which has been absorbed into phosphorous material as indoor lighting.

Honorable Mention Prize

・WAll Season (annual exterior wall load reduction system)
Proposing a system to reduce exterior wall load through a combination of functions such as automatic light modulation, latent heat cooling and latent heat storage.

A research group composed of member companies from the consortium will spend approximately one year to extract technological themes from the award-winning entries and to perform other preliminary review in order to explore the possibility of joint research in the future.