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Dec 25, 2013Financial summary(consolidated)for the fisical year ended September, 2013

Amount of Orders Received: 234,700 million yen; Amount of Orders Received Overseas: 54,500 million yen
December 25 2013 - SHINRYO CORPORATION announced the Group's consolidated results for the 58th term (October, 2012 - September, 2013) as below.

<Overlook of the current fiscal year (consolidated)>

During the term under review, initially, Japan's economy remained stagnant against the background of a slowdown of the overseas economies and some other factors. But with time, we saw a number of signs speaking of a steady and independent recovery, such as a gradual recovery of exports and production volumes, improvements in corporate earnings, and a favorable swing in employment conditions.
In the construction industry, following an increase in government's investments in public utilities, which were made as a part of emergency economic policy measures, demand on the whole was quite robust mainly in the areas damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Tokyo metropolitan area, but capital investment in the private sector was not as forceful resulting in severe business environment continuing.
Under these circumstances, the Group made an effort to expand the results of the overseas business centering on our business in Asia, and on consolidated base we posted Orders Received of 234,700 million yen (of which Orders Received Overseas was 54,500 million yen), Net Sales of 203,000 million yen (of which Net Sales Overseas was 44,900 million yen), and Ordinary Profit of 6,800 million yen.

The main construction jobs the Group accepted orders for during the term under review are as follows.

  • In Japan, the Group's largest orders were for air conditioning renovation work at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1 and for installation work at a district heating and cooling plant for the area surrounding Nagoya Station. Also, a large contribution to business results was made by a number of orders for air conditioning work at large complex buildings.
  • In the overseas business, the Group engaged in air conditioning work at large complex facilities in Singapore, subway tunnel ventilation work in Hong Kong, etc.

The main jobs completed during the period under review are as follows.

  • In Japan: air conditioning & plumbing work at the Hiroshima University Clinical Building, air conditioning work at large complex buildings/pharmaceuticals production facilities, etc.
  • Overseas: installation of facilities at a cogeneration plant in Thailand, air conditioning and electric work at subway station buildings and tunnels in Singapore, and air conditioning work at a data center in Hong Kong, etc.

<Future prospects>

Although there is a risk of a downturn of the overseas economy holding down the economy of Japan, it is expected that with the recovery of exports and increases both in family income and in capital investment, the current trend of economic recovery will become clearer.
In the construction industry, it is expected that the amount of construction work will rise to heights that have not been seen in recent years due to reconstruction demand on the one hand and also as it was decided that Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Tokyo on the other. At the same time, profitability of construction work is expected to decline due to sharp rises of prices of materials, shortages of labor, and some other factors, which is why business environment of the industry is expected to be just as unpredictable as it is now.
In these circumstances, in Japan, the Group intends to continue promoting business expansion in the existing areas, such as air conditioning work at large office buildings, large complex facilities, data centers, and production facilities, at the same time striving to unite the affiliated companies engaged in upkeep/maintenance work and conduct other measures so as to expand our results in the area of renewal work.
In our overseas business, we plan to expand our operations centering on the Southeast Asian countries. The effort will be done both in the air conditioning work at complex facilities, data centers, production facilities, etc., and also in the infrastructure, which are a strong point of the Group, such as facility installations at district-cooling plants and air conditioning and electric work at subway.
In the Three-year Plan for the term ending September, 2016, the Group expects the Orders Received to reach 280,000 million yen (of which the Orders Received Overseas is expected to be 67,000 million yen), promoting business expansion both domestically and overseas further.

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Dec 24, 2013Update Company Information

[Company Overview]
December 24, 2013 - Updated list of executives.

Dec 11, 2013Notice Regarding Personnel Change for Executives

December 11, 2013 - SHINRYO CORPORATION announced the following personnel change for executives (effective December 20).

Director (Newly appointed) Keiichi Fujita  
Adviser Masao Hirano (Former position: Director)

Nov 27, 2013Condolences and relief aid by a local affiliated company to areas in Philippines hit by an earthquake and a typhoon

Shinryo (Philippines) Corporation, Inc., a local affiliated company of the Shinryo Corporation, donated 200,000 pesos to the Philippines Red Cross Society to aid in reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas hit by an earthquake on October 15, 2013, and the typhoon Yolanda, which passed through the Central Philippines on November 8. The Company would like to extend its sincere condolences to those who suffered as a result of the disasters and sincerely hopes for the earliest possible reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas.

Nov 19, 2013Condolences and relief aid to the area hit by Typhoon Yolanda

The Company expresses its sincerest condolences to all those who fell victim to the typhoon Yolanda that hit the Central Philippines. To support the victims of the disaster and aid in reconstruction of the disaster-stricken area, the Company made a donation of 1 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The Company sincerely hopes for the earliest possible reconstruction of the disaster-stricken area.

Oct 1, 2013Updated Company Information

[Corporate Infomation]
Corporate information was updated.

Milestones were updated.

[Organization / Network]
Organization and Network were updated.

May 31, 2013June 1: Personnel Directive for Executives

On June 1st, our company executed the personnel directive listed below.

Vice President & Senior Executive Officer Vice President & Senior Executive Officer in charge of Kansai Region TSUNEMI SASAKI (Former position:
General Manager OSAKA Branch)
Executive Officer General Manager OSAKA Branch SEIJI KANKE (Former position:
General Manager Air Conditioning Equipment & Renovation Division)
General Manager Air Conditioning Equipment & Renovation Division   TAKEO YAMAGUCHI  

May 20, 2013Awards received from the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan

We received the Award of Technical Paper, Award of Specialty and Award of Promotion from the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan (SHASE)

51st SHASE Awards Ceremony


Award of Technical Paper

"Cases and cause analysis for localized corrosion of zinc-plated steel pipe due to the electrical potential inversion phenomenon of zinc and steel."

Award of Specialty (Renewal Award)

"Shinryo Corporation Headquarters Building: Energy-Saving Renovation"

Award of Promotion (Technology Promotion Award)

"Construction and testing of a next-generation green hospital at Ashikaga Red Cross Hospital" (construction)
 "Planning, design and construction of Osaka Fukoku Seimei Building" (construction)

April 23, 2013Regarding the change of the name of our overseas local company

[Overseas Branches / Local Companies]

The name of our overseas local company, "SHINRYO ENGINNERING CO., LTD." has been changed.
New company name: TAIWAN SHINRYO CO., LTD.

April 1, 2013April 1: Personnel Directive for Executives

On April 1st, our company executed the personnel directive listed below.

Executive Officer General Marketing Division KOICHI SAKURAI (Former position:
Deputy General Manager OSAKA Branch in Charge of General Marketing)

March 1, 2013March 1: Personnel Directive for Executives

On March 1st, our company executed the personnel directive listed below.

Managing Executive Officer Managing Executive Officer
in charge of Corporate Strategy & Planning
JIRO FUKUDA (Former position:
General Marketing Division)

Feb 12, 2013Exhibiting at 4th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo Battery Japan!

Our company will exhibit at the 4th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo which will be held from February 27th(Wed.) to March 1st(Fri.) at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).
Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo is the world's largest international commercial exhibition in the secondary battery industry.
Continuing from last year, our company will exhibit dry room technology such as energy-saving dehumidifying systems.

【Overview of Exhibition】

Name: 4th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo Battery Japan
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center / Ariake)
Date: February 27(Wed.) - March 1(Fri.), 2013 (3 days)
Host: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

【Overview of Our Company's Exhibit】

  1. Energy-saving dehumidifying system
    Introducing an energy-saving dehumidifying system developed at our Central Research Laboratory. The high-performance system realizes a reduction in energy of more than 30% (maximum of 40%) and emits a DP of -100℃.
  2. Dry room half-suit
    Our company’s dry room half-suits give the worker a high degree of freedom and a wide work space. The suits are optimal for the mini-environment of dry rooms such as rechargeable battery manufacturing processes.
  3. CFD (fluid analysis) solution
    CFD analytical technology is used to predict the behavior of humidity in low dew-point environments.
    It is also possible to select the optimal air volume for dry eye and to review the effect of humidity dispersion associated with movement of the human body.
  4. Total engineering
    From planning to operation and reform, we use our company’s diverse and unique technology to provide a variety of solutions including energy saving for dry rooms.

Jan 29, 2013Exhibiting at HOTERES JAPAN 2013 "The 41st International Hotel & Restaurant Show"!

Together with Japan Tobacco Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "JT"), our company will participate as a joint exhibitor in the HOTERES JAPAN 2013, which will be held from February 19th (Tue.) to 22nd (Fri.) at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).
HOTERES JAPAN is the largest comprehensive exhibition for international hotels and restaurants in Asia. The show features a gathering of hotels, Japanese inns, tourist companies and other related facilities.
At a joint booth for the JT plan "Total Solutions for Segmented Smoking Area," our company will exhibit solutions for energy-saving segmented smoking areas. The exhibit will focus on technology for removing the odor of cigarettes, CFD analysis technology and technology for measuring/evaluating cigarette odor.
In addition to hotels and restaurants, we hope that our booth will be visited by professionals who are planning and reviewing segmented smoking systems or smoking rooms for facilities such as office buildings and hospitals.

【Overview of Exhibition】

Name: HOTERES JAPAN 2013 "The 41st International Hotel & Restaurant Show"
Venue: East Exhibition Hall 1-6,
Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center / Ariake)
Our company's booth: No.2-K09 “Total Solutions for Segmented Smoking Area”
Date: February 19(Tue.) - 22(Fri.), 2013 (4 days)
Host: Japan Management Association, Japan Hotel Association, Japan Ryokan Association,
Japan Tourist Hotel Association, Japan Restaurant Association, Japan Tourism Facilities Association

【Overview of Our Exhibit】

  1. Smoking booth, SmoClean (cigarette odor-removal equipment)
    Exhibiting a smoking booth (smoking possible) featuring SmoClean, cigarette odor-removal equipment. In addition to dust, SmoClean also removes gaseous odor substances.
  2. CFD analytical technology for airflow control of smoking rooms
    Introducing CFD analytical technology that simulates airflow for optimal ventilation of smoking rooms. Providing energy-saving solutions for segmented smoking areas in combination with cigarette odor-removal technology.
  3. Technology for measuring and evaluating odors
    Introducing comprehensive measuring and analytical technology based on our odor measurement certified office and our environmental measurement approved project.
    This technology makes it possible to extract problems and to accurately and quickly evaluate the effect of response measures.

※In addition to the exhibits listed above, we will also introduce a wide-range multi-building management system which uses an open network. Providing an integrated management system for visualizing the energy consumed at multiple buildings or factories.

Jan 9, 2013Setup of the New Organization

This is to notify you that as of January 1, the company has setup a new organization as shown below.

  1. New organization (as of January 1, 2013)
    A new Corporate Strategy & Planning Division is setup under the direct supervision of the company President.

Jan 9, 2013Updated Company Information

[Statement of accounts]
Added a balance sheet and a profit-and-loss statement for the September period of 2012.