1956 Established our Head Office at 45 Nishikubo Tomoecho, Minato-ku, Tokyo and founded our company with 5 million yen in capital
1957 Received an order for Shin-Otemachi Building, the largest building in Japan at that time. Established the foundation of our company.
1958 Established the Osaka Office (currently Osaka Branch).
1960 Moved our Head Office to its current location at 2-4 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1961 Established the Nagoya Office (currently Nagoya Branch).
1964 Adopted a division-based organization system.
Established the Construction Division (currently Tokyo Metropolitan Area Division) and Equipment Division (currently Air Conditioning Equipment Division).
1966 Established the Hiroshima Office (currently Chugoku Branch).
Established the Yokohama Office (currently Yokohama Branch).
1967 Established the Sendai Office (currently Tohoku Branch).
1969 Established the Fukuoka Office (currently Kyushu Branch).
1970 Established the industry's first research center for air conditioning technology(currently Innovation Hub).
Established the Nuclear Power Plant Department (currently Nuclear Power Plant Division), entered the energy plant industry for nuclear power use.
1972 Realized full-scale entry into overseas construction.
1973 Established the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Facilities Department (currently Urban Environment Division). Established a system for handling large-scale projects such as urban planning and urban redevelopment.
1977 Established the Maizuru Plant.
1978 Established the Hong Kong Branch as a base for overseas expansion.
1979 Established the Overseas Department (currently Hong Kong Regional Office and Singapore Regional Office) and positioned overseas expansion as a major pillar of our business.
Acquired Level 1 Plumbing Registration from the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
1982 Established a local corporation (Shinryo (Hong Kong) Ltd.) in Hong Kong.
1983 Established a local corporation (Shinryo (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.) in Malaysia.
Established the Singapore Branch.
1986 Established a local corporation (Thai Shinryo Limited) in Thailand.
1987 Established a local corporation (Shinryo Engineering Co., Ltd. (currently Taiwan Shinryo Co.,ltd.) in Taiwan.
1990 Established a Research & Development Center in Tsukuba Academic Town(currently Innovation Hub).
Established a local corporation (Shinryo (Philippines) Co., Inc.) in the Philippines.
1992 Established the Technical Supervision Division.
Established the Safety Supervision Division.
1994 Established a local corporation (PT. Shinryo Indonesia) in Indonesia.
1998 Acquired ISO 9000s certification

2000 〜

2001 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
Established a local corporation (Shinryo (Singapore) Pte Ltd) in Singapore.
2005 Established the Dubai Branch.
Established the Macau Branch.
2007 Established a local corporation (Shinryo Vietnam Corporation) in Vietnam.
Established the Abu Dhabi Branch.
2009 Started renovations of the headquarters building (energy saving Eco-project at the headquarters building
2010 Established the Administrative Division.
Established the (former) Tokyo Metropolitan Area Division (currently Tokyo Metropolitan Area Division and Urban Environment Division).
Established the Control and Instrument Engineering Division.
2011 Adopted an Executive Officer organizational system.
Constructed the new Takahama Plant and transferred functions from the Maizuru Plant.
2012 Commemorated for the long-time certification of the environmental management system.
Opened the Working Drawing Center.
Developed the Space Scanning System using 3D technology.
2013 Established the Technical Supervision Division.
2014 Drafted the “Create a Freshening World” management vision.
Established the Marketing Supervision Division. /Established the CSR Promotion Division.
Established the Compliance Promotion Division.
Introduced the overseas practical dispatch system and the overseas short term training system for new employees.
2015 Began on-site training for engineers from overseas.
2017 Standardized an English logo.
2018 Established a local company in India (SHINRYO SUVIDHA ENGINEERS INDIA PVT. LTD.)
2020 Moved Headquarters (1-6-1, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)