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Compliance Promotion System

At Shinryo Corporation, we consider the achievement of deep-reaching compliance to be our most important management issue. Through our corporate ethics and compliance system, which centers on the Compliance Committee and Compliance Promotion Division, we have established the "Helpline" consultation service, appointed Compliance Supervisors in each division, and are striving to achieve thoroughgoing improvements in compliance-related awareness.

Structure of the Compliance System

Compliance Commitee
Deliberates on compliance-related issues (corrective actions and measures to prevent reoccurrence)
Confirms compliance-related measures being pursued, and periodically evaluates them and gives corrective instructions for improvement purposes
Establishes and revises compliance guidelines

Compliance Promotion Division
Formulates, implements and improves policies related to compliance-related issues
Serves as a contact point for consultation and reporting, and conducts survey
Pursues compliance-related education and implementation of measures and provides guidance and support
Receives and responds accordingly to compliance-related reports and consultations from each division

Compliance Supervisors
Disseminate information on compliance measures to staffs and executives in each division
Report on and consult with the Compliance Committee regarding compliance-related matters

"Helpline" Consulation Service
Serves as a contact point for consultation and reporting

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