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Code of Business Conduct
Standards of Conduct

We, the management and staff of the Shinryo Group, have basic and common awareness of corporate ethics and compliance in accordance with the Shinryo Group’s company philosophy and this Code of Business Conduct and Standards of Conduct, and positively practice the code of business conduct and standards of conduct in our daily business with a strong sense of belonging to the company.

Code of Business Conduct 1 :
Pursue customer satisfaction by standing in customers’ positions.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Act by putting customer satisfaction and trust first.
  2. Research, develop, and provide a refreshing living environment, advanced production environment and an advanced recycle-oriented society by standing in customers’ positions.
  3. Provide customers with appropriate information in a timely manner.
  4. Sincerely listen to customers' comments and genuinely deal with them.
  5. Give adequate consideration to the protection of customer confidential and personal information.

Code of Business Conduct 2 :
Pursue management efficiency for the sake of shareholders.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Strive to improve business performance by constantly reviewing the system, organization and management of assets, etc.
  2. Strive to stably expand the Shinryo Group while attempting to mobilize and effectively utilize all assets of the group companies.
  3. Strive to conduct appropriate information disclosure by making corporate accounting transparent, sound and proper.

Code of Business Conduct 3 :
Ensure comfortable and relaxing workplaces, of which management and staff can be proud to their families.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Ensure that each management and staff sincerely complies with company rules and acts.
  2. Create work environment where individualities and personalities of each management and staff are respected and where they can work with motivation.
  3. Cultivate an open organizational climate in which management and staff can freely state their opinions and consult with.
  4. Encourage management and staff to possess high ideals and act in good faith according to their own conscience both publicly and privately.
  5. Endeavor to create a corporate culture and system in which management and staff can fully demonstrate their ability so that they can be effectively evaluated.
  6. Ensure a comfortable working environment for the safety and health of management and staff.

Code of Business Conduct 4 :
Comply with corporate ethics, and laws and regulations, and compete fairly, transparently and freely, with our business partners.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Attempt to coexist and prosper together by respecting each other's position and maintaining fair and equal relationships.
  2. Mutually, attempt to enhance corporate value, pursue customer satisfaction and contribute to society.
  3. Mutually, provide NO gifts and entertainment, beyond appropriate bounds under normal social conventions.
  4. Mutually, act with constant awareness of not only compliance with laws and regulations (e.g. Anti-Monopoly Act) but also corporation ethics, as a member of society.
  5. Mutually, do not infringe the intellectual property of others as well as strictly manage confidential information and protect intellectual property.

Code of Business Conduct 5 :
Constantly pursue the ideal state that a member of society should be, by following social rules.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Never yield to intimidation made by antisocial forces. Resolutely eliminate them in a courageous manner.
  2. Eliminate antisocial forces in cooperation with industry groups and the police, etc.
  3. Undertake global warming countermeasures and the creation of a recycling-oriented society.
  4. Strive to develop technologies, products and services, in order to solve environmental problems.
  5. Ensure that each management and staff has awareness and actively participates in social action programs.

Code of Business Conduct 6 :
Fulfill social responsibilities in related countries.

< Standards of Conduct >

  1. Comply with international rules and local laws, etc. at a time of global business development.
  2. Strive to ensure employment as well as respect cultures and customs of the respective country and promote localization of management.
  3. Based on mutual trust, promote business activities by fulfilling social responsibilities and contribute to development of the country.