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New Information

Jan 13, 2016Financial summary (consolidated) for the fiscal year ended September, 2015

January 13 2016 - SHINRYO CORPORATION announced the Group's consolidated results for the 60th term (October, 2014 - September, 2015) as below.

<Overlook of the current fiscal year (consolidated)>

Japanese economy during the 60 term remained on a modest recover path as a whole; while consumer spending was still weak, corporate earnings were improved, thanks to the depreciation of the yen and fall of oil prices.
In the construction industry, there was concern about shortage in the supply of labor and price trends of materials, but the amount of orders received grew steadily, supported by strong construction demand in the private sector.
Under such circumstances, consolidated results of the Group indicate that the amount of Orders Received increased by 5.1% from the previous year to 250,900 million yen (including the Orders Received Overseas of 78,800 million yen); Net Sales increased by 13.1% from the previous year to 236,800 million yen (including Net Sales Overseas of 65,300 million yen); and Ordinary Profit increased by 71.5% from the previous year to 13,200 million yen.

<Future prospects>

It is expected that while Japanese economy will recover strongly by the support of the growth strategy implemented in the second stage of Abenomics, risk in overseas market represented by the slowdown of Chinese economy will increase, and as the result, uncertainty about the future will continue.
In the construction industry, we will continue to face many challenges such as continued rise of labor cost and material prices, and expected fall in demand after the Tokyo Olympics. In order to overcome these challenges, it is necessary for us to have medium- and long-term perspectives for operation of the Company Group.
In order to respond to such circumstances, we will not only enhance our cost competitiveness and increase orders received by improving productivity, but also focus on globalization across the Company to expand our overseas business further. The Group commemorates the 60th anniversary of the foundation in this fiscal year. On this important milestone occasion, we have firm determination to build up a stable business structure toward the 100th anniversary.

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