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  • Completion of Abu Dhabi International Airport Mid Field Terminal District Cooling Plant

New Information

Feb 8, 2016Completion of Abu Dhabi International Airport Mid Field Terminal District Cooling Plant

Shinryo Corporation Middle East was awarded as the successful bidder for Abu Dhabi international airport district cooling plant construction through international tender exercise.
It was a full turnkey contract with scope encompasses engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.
Our Abu Dhabi branch received the award from Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC), and entered a contract with ADAC in December, 2013.
 The construction period for this project was 2 years. On 12th January, 2016 we successfully completed the project and had a completion ceremony with our client (ADAC).

The cooling capacity of this district cooling plant is 55,000RT which is made possible by a combination of 18 chillers and thermal storage tanks. The capacity of the plant can compared with the largest district cooling plant in Shinjuku, Japan which was also done by Shinryo Corporation.

 The passenger handling capacity of the Abu Dhabi airport is expected to double within the next 10 years.
 In order to respond to the increasing demand, Midfield Terminal Building Airport Expasion project is carried out. This district cooling plant is part of the expansion and the new passenger complex is expected to hold an opening ceremony by the end of 2017.

  • Completion ceremony on 12th January, 2016.
    (the second from the left is president
    of Shinryo corporation)

  • Perspective image of the district cooling plant

  • Perspective image of the Abu Dhabi airport
    after expansion