New Information

May 23, 2016The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

In response to the earthquakes on April 14 (Thursday) in the area of Kumamoto, the Company immediately established a disaster management office. Along with confirming the safety of all employees and their family members, the Company launched an investigation into damage to our offices and installation sites.
In addition, since April 15 (Friday), we have been using a TV conferencing system to hold disaster management conferences between our headquarters and the Kyushu Branch in order to report on our system installation sites and provide instructions.
The main actions as of April 19 are as follows.

■ Safety of employees and their families

  • Safety of employees and their families was confirmed.

■ Status of offices, etc.

  • There is no major damage to our Kumamoto Office. (Elevators/ multi-level parking garage cannot be used.)

■ Status of ongoing system installation sites

  • Multiple installation sites in Kumamoto Prefecture were damaged. Actions to repair the damage are under discussion.

■ Status of our installed systems

  • Confirmation with customers by the Kyushu branch is underway. However, since massive aftershocks still continue, actions will be taken after the investigation, etc. resumes.

■ Other actions

  • Actions are scheduled to be taken in response to urgent requests from various sectors starting with municipal governments.

Meanwhile, disaster management conferences (chaired by the President who is the disaster management office manager) with the Kyushu Branch via TV conferencing will be held to share information and provide instructions, etc. We will continue to work on gathering information from sites stricken by the Kumamoto earthquakes and make all efforts to investigate and assess damaged buildings and to support the recovery by engaging in urgent construction/recovery construction.