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  • 30th Anniversary Ceremony of TAIWAN SHINRYO, Overseas Company of Shinryo Group

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December 6, 201730th Anniversary Ceremony of TAIWAN SHINRYO, Overseas Company of Shinryo Group

TAIWAN SHINRYO CO., LTD., an overseas company of Shinryo Group which Shinryo Corporation is the core, celebrated its 30th anniversary on November 19, 2017. Commemorative ceremony was held on November 18, a day before the anniversary, at the Taipei Marriot Hotel. About 70 people including employees of TAIWAN SHINRYO, head of each overseas site, and directors of Shinryo Corporation attended the event.

TAKESHI KAGAMI, President and Representative Director of Shinryo Corporation, gave a congratulatory address and CHEN, KWANG-MING, Supreme Advisor of TAIWAN SHINRYO gave a speech about the time of founding and gave thanks to related parties, employees and their families for supporting the company until now. There were also video showcasing the 30 years of the company’s history and taking group photo of everyone at the ceremony.

TAIWAN SHINRYO has continue to carry on the spirit of our Company Philosophy and technological capabilities since the company’s founding in 1987, and has built a track record for factories, clean rooms, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and more to gain presence as a company handling construction of air conditioning systems, sanitary systems, and electric equipment in Taiwan. TAIWAN SHINRYO is also showcasing its technological capability for logistic centers and freezing and refrigerating systems in recent years.

Since engaging in overseas construction work as the first in 1972, the first in the industry in Japan, the Group has expanded its overseas network to 24 sites centered in Asia and Middle East regions. Nine of the overseas sites have been engaging in business rooted in each country as a local subsidiary. TAIWAN SHINRYO became the fourth company to celebrate its 30th anniversary following SHINRYO HONG KONG, SHINRYO MALAYSIA, and THAI SHINRYO.
The Group has been contributing to the development of the countries it operates in not only through sharing technologies with its local companies but also through economic growth and creating jobs. The Group also actively engages in personnel and technology exchange between Japan and overseas to further develop as a global company. The Group will continue its globalization and engage in business activities that can be trusted in countries it operates.

  • Speech by Supreme Advisor Chen Guang Ming
    Speech by Supreme Advisor
  • Group photo of participants of the anniversary ceremony
    Group photo of participants of the anniversary ceremony